Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Harry and the strange lead day

A strange thing happened the other day. Harry and me were out walking when we realised we had lost Harry's lead (leash in US parlance).

I asked a couple with their dog if they had seen a red lead.

They said they had not, but they too had lost their dog lead and were looking for it, and they'd never ever lost a dog lead before. (I must admit we have, several times.)

Later that day my wife went to a friend's house where there were two dogs near each other tethered with leads. A little while later the dogs were heard and seen bounding round the house. Both had managed to chew through each other's lead.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Harry gets groomed at Honey Bottom Kennels

We drove Harry down to Honey Bottom Kennels, between Steventon and Hanney, for his annual strip and trim. Being a border terrier most of his old fur just pulls out this time of year to reveal the newer sleeker Harry underneath. He now looks very smart.