Monday, July 02, 2012

Harry tries to get his pension early

Harry often does a go slow on walks. 

People make comments like "Poor old boy" .

I tell them "He is only 12 - that is still young for a Border Terrier".

 "Looks like he is pretending so he can get his old age pension early then!!!"

A little further on and I throw a stick. Instantly, Harry forgets the pretence about being a slow old boy, and runs about like a youngish 12 year old.


Unknown said...

Harry my Pips does that too and thank you now I know why! Huh pension! She's 14 so does that mean she is old?
Best wishes Molly

CC said...

Not so old dog and up to all his tricks!

Love you, Harry!

marley said...

You is doin wot a terrier do naturally Arry: movin at optimum speed.