Saturday, April 14, 2012

Harry could one day be a ring bearer

We met a dog trainer at the Abingdon Wedding fair. She said that people often want dogs to take part in weddings.  The most popular request is for the dog to walk down the aisle off the lead by themselves. They can also be dressed up like flower dog girls or as a ring bearer. Anything is possible with time, and a little training.


Zhoen said...

Oh, Harry would be charming.

Probably more reliable than a toddler. Definitely more reliable than a toddler.

BordoggyTerrier said...

See, the trouble with that is, us hairy handsome borders don't want to outshine the Bride & Groom by being too fabulous and all bearing the ring in such an elegant and poised manner - as all eyes would naturally be drawn with such utter admiration onto us!!!

marley said...

Arent you worried you would steal the show Arry? Too much competishun for the bride from an ansome doggie like yerself...

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