Monday, April 09, 2012

Harry and the ageist remark

It sometimes takes a bit of time to rouse Harry these mornings. The old "Walkie Harry!" does not always see him spring into action straight away. He would sometimes like to lay there a bit longer.

This morning we were walking in the Albert Park and this lady approached with her young Labrador pulling on the lead, obviously wanting to play with Harry.

Then she said of Harry "That dog doesn't want to play. He is quite elderly."

Harry would have loved to have played. Such an ageist remark!


CC said...

These days I understand Harry's position completely.

marley said...

I find peeple often think we BTs are old....must be our wise lookin faces. Woof

BordoggyTerrier said...

I am nearly 2 you know, and have to say I have more grey hair coming through than you look to - "distinguished" I believe they call it - old before my years I fear!..well there is life in this 'old dog' and a lot more to come from you my friend, of that I am certain!

Zhoen said...

I like to sleep in, just can't much anymore. Still, young at heart. Harry is still a puppy inside.

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