Monday, March 05, 2012

Harry at the Pub

We took Harry to the pub and rather than just curling up and relaxing under the table he was full of nervous energy. He was trembling. There were two other dogs in the pub, a white curly dog, and a black Labrador. Harry wanted to go and play but we were not too sure.

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BordoggyTerrier said...

I last went to the pub in February in a little village (Kettlewell) in the Yorkshire Dales when my 2Legs were staying there - it was super 4Leg friendly, there were I think about five 4Legs and only 3 2Legs it at one point, we all lay down in front of the fire (I have a picture of it somewhere) - alas, usually I am outside the Pub with my family during the summer, I Alwayssss want to play... but am rarely allowed as our local pub is right on a road..x