Saturday, January 14, 2012

Harry Lost and Found (again)

Harry and me had a nice walk in the frost. Me taking photographs. Harry sniffing.

A man and a dog came by. There is a picture of the dog sniffing Harry as Harry sniffs one of the many scent posts put in by the local council.

In the next minute or so I took a few more pictures.
This is a detail from the final picture before I realised Harry was no longer with me. In fact if I'd looked at the final picture I would have seen that Harry had followed the man and dog and gone under the bridge (red circled).

I started looking around, calling 'Harry!'

By the time I did get to the bridge he was no longer in sight. I asked a couple of dog walkers. But they hadn't seen Harry as pictured in an earlier image on the camera. So I started looking round more this side ...

After 10 minutes searching I ran home to get the bike to explore the other side of the bridge.

Before leaving home I checked the answer phone and was relieved to hear that Harry had been found and somebody had read his tag and taken him to the vets. A few minutes later I met a very trembly Harry at the vets. He hates the vets. (He had tagged onto a big group of dogs and people and followed them down the river to Abingdon Lock, and then the people realised Harry wasn't with any of them.)


CC said...

Harry, what were you thinking?
So glad for the happy ending!


marley said...

Oh Harry! I am glad you are safe and sound. I used to run away sumtimes but we fixed all the oles in the fence so now I am never missin.

Tipsy said...

Thought you were going to say 'you checked the answer phone to see if he'd phoned home' :-) What an adventure eh Harry! Glad you're safe......

DeeDee The Deaf Dog said...

Oh dear, I would of had a fit if it was one of mine, glad he got home safe and sound.