Sunday, November 27, 2011

Harry very close to a horse

Today on a walk round Marsh Baldon Harry got very close to a horse. We had to cross fields with horses grazing freely and one horse came right up to Harry and sniffed him. Harry did not seem to even notice the big animal towering above him. It might as well have just have been another pair of tree trunks rather than horse legs.


CC said...
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CC said...

Not to mention that the Horse's grassy breath, was probably reassuring as to its preferred not M E A T. :~)

marley said...

I live near Epsom races Arry and we are surounded by orses. I see them when we are walkin all the time and I am very careful around them cos they can be grumpy. We also ave lots of local cows and I see them a lot too - they are wild and roam our heath. Once, Lola went up and licked one. He did not mind.