Saturday, July 09, 2011

Big Baby Harry

This is not the sort of grown up doggy behaviour we have come to expect from Harry. Normally he trots along on his walks, sniffing every now and then. Often lagging some way behind as he sniffs out things to eat. But today he was lagging a long way behind and got a carry. What a big baby he now looks. Harry!


geniecolg said...

Old dog learning new trick! Why walk when you get tired if you can be carried?
At a boy, Harry ;-)

CC said...

It isn't easy training humans.
Harry seems to have the knack.
Good Dog! Well done!

marley said...

Hi Harry. I am Marley, another border with a blog. You can find me at (pssst, I left same message earlier on an older post cos I did make a mishtake...sorry for dat). I also play a game called #flatmarley which we blog about at