Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where dogs act like sheep and squirrels are too tame

Here is Harry and another Border Terrier eating grass. The other Border came from Thame and was out for a walk along the river bank in Abingdon. After having a quick sniff of each other they started grazing the grass together, and looked a bit like a couple of sheep.

Although a bit chubbier than Harry, the other Border has a good turn of speed, according to the owner, and has been known to catch squirrels. The squirrels must be tame in Thame.

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Treaclewoo said...

Harry reminds me of my favorite boy Buddy Budster. He is a 12 yr old border terrier who has just been rehomed from the rescue centre where i work. I am really missing him but he is doing well in his new home which is great :)