Saturday, February 06, 2010

Harry and Pushkin - a complex relationship

Pushkin must be about 14 years old but still has no problem leaping the six foot wall at the bottom of the garden.

In the house, Harry knows that Pushkin is the boss, but outside in the garden it is a different story, and Harry will chase any cat away - including Pushkin.


CC said...

Is Pushkin a neighbor cat or a housemate to

Andrew said...

Harry seems like a well trained border, has he been neutered?

Backstreeter said...

Housemate, and yes at an early age.

Ralph said...

Ralph, my Norfolk/Jack Russell Cross (that's a guess) thinks he's the boss at home, at work, at play...I just let him think it. Oh...and Ralph's been neutered but is far from well behaved.

I lived in Abingdon for many years in the other St Helens Street and I love reading your blog...thank you x